So much to say… “guys” are awesome! My experience with all of you over the last six months has been healing in more than one way. Along with the successful corrective care of my physical problems have come professional, jubilant, inspiring attitude and attention. Allow me a couple of examples.

Traction was gradually introduced and at first was a bit of a challenge. As the sessions progressed I began to enjoy it and to realize its healing power, but the challenge for me to sit still and stretch was still present. One day Nurse Jan, referring to the timer to end my traction session, said “Janet, that’s you!” My response was, “I used to think my three favorite words were I love you, well, that means the same thing anyway!” Loving care is exactly what I have been receiving.

Although my main concern involved my back, it was immediately clear that Dr. Shaver and staff were there to help me in any way; so when my knee began to be painful due to my line of work they all pitched in to work on healing it. Let me tell you, with the laser treatment used on my knee (perfectly painless, by the way), stims, and adjustment, improvement came overnight.

So, do I recommend the office of Todd Shaver, DC? You bet! The difference this treatment has made in my life is beyond description. Suffice it to say; previously I could hardly walk; now I can even touch my toes!    Janet L. 

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