Shaver Chiropractic & Natural Medicine uses a functional and integrated health approach for treating various chronic health conditions and issues that may prevent a person from achieving optimal health.

What is Functional Medicine? 

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, functional medicine is better able to address chronic medical conditions. The functional medicine approach focuses on patients as a whole rather than treating isolated symptoms. Using the tenets of functional medicine, Dr. Shaver creates a one-on-one relationship with his patients. He gathers detailed medical history, information about lifestyle, genetics, environment and other factors that may affect the patient’s current state of health. Dr. Shaver then attempts to determine the underlying causes of the chronic conditions so that he can design individualized treatment plans.

Why do People Choose Functional Medicine? 

Traditional Health Care is overloaded. Current healthcare practitioners are only focused on acute conditions and what drugs can do to manage symptoms. Patients choose functional medicine because they seek to know why they suffer from chronic health conditions that cause physical, mental and emotional pain and stress. Additionally, they seek to know how to cure and/or manage their conditions. 

How does Functional Medicine Differ from Traditional Medicine? 

Functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause of the illness whereas traditional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of the disease. Functional medicine doctors look at the complex biochemistry, genomics, advanced nutritional testing, toxicity testing, detoxification genomics, and other factors when treating patients.

Who Benefits from Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is beneficial to anyone who wants to determine why they suffer from a chronic health condition and who has a strong desire to restore balance and wellness to the systems in their bodies.

What is the Cost of the Treatment through Functional Medicine? 

Complete Fees are listed below. We do not accept insurance for functional medicine appointments as the services are uncovered. 

How do I begin Functional Medicine Treatment with Doctor Shaver? 

To begin treatment with Dr. Shaver, the first step is to make a functional medicine consultation appointment. You will be asked to visit our online patient registration portal to complete your new patient paperwork. Additionally, you will receive an email with additional forms to fill out. You will be asked to return them to us prior to your initial appointment. Doing so gives Dr. Shaver time to review your information and have an understanding of the issues he will be addressing.

Please call to schedule your appointment today – 910-452-5555 or email

Our Functional Medicine Fee Schedule

New Patient Appointments  – $320

Follow Up Appointments – $150

Life Style Educator Appointments – $65

***All Skype, Email, and Phone consults are billed at the same as in-person appointments.

*** Please note that Function Medicine patients will be asked to leave a credit card deposit for the first visit.

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