Shaver Chiropractic & Natural Medicine uses a functional and integrated health approach for treating various chronic health conditions and issues that may prevent a person from achieving optimal health.

What is Functional Medicine? 

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, functional medicine is better able to address chronic medical conditions. The functional medicine approach focuses on patients as a whole rather than treating isolated symptoms. Using the tenets of functional medicine, Dr. Shaver creates a one-on-one relationship with his patients. He gathers detailed medical history, information about lifestyle, genetics, environment and other factors that may affect the patient’s current state of health. Dr. Shaver then attempts to determine the underlying causes of the chronic conditions so that he can design individualized treatment plans.

Why do People Choose Functional Medicine? 

Traditional Health Care is overloaded. Current healthcare practitioners are only focused on acute conditions and what drugs can do to manage symptoms. Patients choose functional medicine because they seek to know why they suffer from chronic health conditions that cause physical, mental and emotional pain and stress. Additionally, they seek to know how to cure and/or manage their conditions. 

How does Functional Medicine Differ from Traditional Medicine? 

Functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause of the illness whereas traditional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of the disease. Functional medicine doctors look at the complex biochemistry, genomics, advanced nutritional testing, toxicity testing, detoxification genomics, and other factors when treating patients.

Who Benefits from Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is beneficial to anyone who wants to determine why they suffer from a chronic health condition and who has a strong desire to restore balance and wellness to the systems in their bodies.

What is the Cost of the Treatment through Functional Medicine? 

Complete Fees are listed below. Important to note. Most insurance companies do not cover Functional Medicine evaluations. 

How do I begin Functional Medicine Treatment with Doctor Shaver? 

To begin treatment with Dr. Shaver, the first step is to make a functional medicine consultation appointment. You will be asked to visit our on-line patient registration portal to come complete your new patient paperwork. Additionally, you will receive an email with additional forms to fill out. You will be asked to return them to us prior to your initial appointment. Doing so gives Dr. Shaver time to review your information and have an understanding of the issues he will be addressing.

Please call to schedule your appointment today – 910-452-5555 or email

Our Functional Medicine Fee Schedule

First Visit – Initial Consult – 60-70 minutes long. *** Please do not bring children who cannot self-play in our play room.   The first visit is 60-90 minutes long. Dr. Shaver will do a full exam, review all the historical data you have provided, create an order for additional testing and determine if additional providers should be included. Expect to spend most of your time with Dr. Shaver, the Lifestyle educator, and clinic staff.  Be prepared to complete extensive requests for information in advance of your first appointment.    $195

Second Visit – Summary of Results and Review of Treatment Plan.  *** Please do not bring children who cannot self-play in our play room.   This visit is about 60-90 minutes long. This visit includes the results of all your testing and exam. Dr. Shaver will go over his findings and provide you with his treatment plan. Expect to spend your time with Dr. Shaver and the Lifestyle Educator. You may also see our Fitness Instructor, Massage therapist and/or Administrator.   $150

Third and Subsequent Visits   Generally, you will spend third and subsequent visits with your Lifestyle Educator. Occasionally you will see Dr. Shaver. When you do, it should not exceed 30 minutes unless you request additional time.  
Dr. Shaver Visits
15 Minutes  – $65
30 Minutes – $ 130
Lifestyle Educator Visits – $55


Phone Consults   When requesting time to speak with Dr. Shaver, keep in mind that discussing your health and case management requires that he document your case and update your case records. That requires time on his part. We charge for that. Please note that we will charge the credit card one file and will send a note via the patient portal so you are aware.  
15 Minute Phone Consult with Dr. Shaver – $65
30 Minute Phone Consult with Dr. Shaver – $130

Email Consults   Patients who request medical advice and/or follow-up support via email must understand that much like a visit in person, the doctor and clinic staff spend time researching and attending to their questions and concerns. We must charge for those services. Please note that we will charge the credit card on file and will send a note via the patient portal so you are aware.    If we can respond to your email in under 2 minutes, we do not charge for this service. However, if we must research your answer, or provide medical guidance, we must charge for the service. We will either request you make an appointment or, charge your credit card on file. Fees for Email Consults are: $25

Distance Consults   As Distance Consults becomes more popular, patients are requesting more access to Dr. Shaver via on-line sources. Skype Consults require payment in advance. The Front Desk Staff will arrange for payment prior to putting the doctor through.    All on-line consults will be paid for in advance and are based on the current functional medicine fee schedule.

Cancellation Fees for Functional Medicine Consults   Cancellation of Functional Medicine appointments require a 72-hour cancellation because Dr. Shaver does a lot of work in the 48 hours prior to a patient’s appointment. Once that work has been done, we must charge for it.   $75.00 Cancellation Fee

Insurance and/or Cash Payments     Functional medicine is not covered by most insurance carriers. We are happy to verify your insurance benefits in advance of your appointment. Any uncovered services will be collected along with any co-pays.We offer Cash Plans and accept Care Credit.
Rehab Services 

  Dr. Shaver often requires some rehab time to help kick start healing. Rehab is billed at $45 for 30 minutes. Please discuss this option with Dr. Shaver, if interested.


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