What is Functional Medicine?

More and more people seek doctors who can provide comprehensive health care and non-invasive intervention. This mindset is leading a paradigm shift towards Functional Medicine. An approach that addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

By shifting the traditional disease-centered approach, functional medicine provides an integrative approach and addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Functional medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease. They combine up to date scientific research and cutting-edge technology with a natural approach to health care. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each person

Functional Medicine is not currently covered by any insurance programs, so our fees are as follows:

New Patient Visit – $320

Follow Up Visits – $150

Lifestyle Educator Visits – $65

Skype, Email, Phone Visits are all billed at the same rates as in-person visits.

Diagnostic Testing – Cost varies. We will provide you with all associated costs prior to ordering.

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