Chiropractic is the most frequently used non-allopathic, non-invasive health care treatments for musculoskeletal complaints, preventative medicine, and for many, alternative family medicine.

Shaver Chiropractic & Natural Medicine includes gentle diversified manual & instrumental adjusting, massage therapy, fitness & exercise, acupuncture, testing and blood-work, and the inclusion of appropriate nutrition and supplements.

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct these misalignment and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. Chiropractic does not use drugs or surgery. Rather, a chiropractic spinal adjustment—the application of a precise force to a specific part of the spinal segment—corrects the misalignment, permitting normal nerve transmission and assisting your body to recuperate on its own.

Looking at the whole person is primary even when there appears to be but a simple neck or low back problem. Many aspects of life such as posture, sleep, and diet and exercise can cause stress in the joints and necessitate chiropractic care. We are dedicated to finding the cause and supporting the healing and correction where it begins.

Click the image below to see how your misaligned spine affects your organs, nervous and blood system.

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