Dr. Shaver uses these nutrients for the prevention of viral infection:


Multi-Vitamin/Mineral                            Bio-Immunozyme Forte                 2–4 capsules/day

Vitamin D3                                              Bio DK Mulsion                              5drop/day

Selenium                                                   Se-Zyme Forte                             2 tablets3x/day

N-Acetyl Cysteine                                      NAC*                                          1 capsule 3x/day, between meals (*Use GSH Plus: 1          capsule 3x/day)

Probiotics                                                     Saccharomyces Boulardii                 1 capsule 2xday

Vitamin C                                                      Bio C Plus 1000                                 1 tablet 3x/day

Vitamin A                                                      Bio Ae Mulsion Forte                          1 drop per day

Zinc                                                              Zn Zyme Forte                                   2 capsules/day

VENDOR:  Med-Chem Labs (available through our office and website)

Monolaurin                                                  Lauricidin                     1 scoop/day

To order with Biotics, you must first set up a customer account.  Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Call Biotics at 1-800-874-7318
  2. Identify yourself as Dr. Shaver’s patient and they will create your account with you over the phone.
  3. Once created, you will have a username and password.
  4. Log-in to patientordering.com
  5. You can then browse their website for the products you need and place your order.
  6. Items will be shipped directly to your house.

Note:  Patients, please alert our office when you start this regimen.  After 60-90 days of use, arrange a consultation with Dr. Shaver for at least blood analysis of Vitamin D levels and liver enzymes.   Adverse reactions are uncommon but, should you suspect any discontinue use immediately and arrange a consultation with Dr. Shaver.  If you are not a patient of record in our office, please call to establish yourself in our practice via in-office or telemedicine consultation prior to beginning this regimen.